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The only thing worse than quoting a Faux Noise pundit, would be sourcing a publication of a Faux Noise pundit!...Thanks GP, but that type of shite' gets flushed every morning!!!

Here, however, is a little ditty for you to ponder, taken from a polar opposite of The Daily Caller....

Congratulations, GOP! Here is what you have WON!

Four years of living in fear! You’ll shiver, you’ll quiver, you’ll shake in your boots every time your pPresident opens his mouth! With each passing day, you’ll wonder what idiotic spew will emanate from his pie-hole – maybe he’ll just piss-off your once-loyal constituents, or maybe he’ll trigger an international crisis!

But wait – there’s MORE!!!

You’ve also won a pResident whose blatant incompetence will be on display for the whole world to see! And guess who’ll get all the credit for putting a complete buffoon in the country’s highest office – that’s right, you will!

But that’s not all!!!

You’ve won four years of watching your pResident doing untold damage to the Republican “brand”! When citizens start losing their Obamacare, guess what? They’re not going to blame the black guy who gave them affordable coverage – they’re going to blame the orange guy who took it away! When people see their social security checks slashed, they’re not going to blame the Democrats – they’re going to blame your party! And when funding for food stamps is gutted, no one is going to tell their hungry kids to yell, “Thanks, Obama!” Cursing your pResident when the larder is bare will mean hours of fun for the whole family!

In addition, you’ve also won:

A pResident who will enter the WH with over half the voters having voted against him, which means NO mandate to do anything. Over half the country is waiting for him to fail – bigly! – and they will be pointing-and-laughing at every mis-step, every gaffe, every mis-statement, every display of stupidity. They will also be blogging, tweeting, and posting on websites and social media about every single thing the Clown-in-Chief says or does that damages the country and its citizens.

You might want to remind Trumpelthinskin that if he’s going to blow his stack every time he sees Alec Baldwin on SNL, he’s probably headed for a massive coronary when the international press starts smackin’ him upside the head on a daily basis. Nobody – not even your own faithful adherents – likes a crybaby POTUS.

Because you acted now, you will also receive the bonus package, which includes forever being the party who “won” by allowing the Russians to choose your candidate for you – something I’m sure you’ll eventually be able to explain to your base voters who HATE commie pinko bastards with every fiber of their being.

What your “win” doesn’t include:

* Respect for a pResident who doesn’t deserve any.

* Ways to blame Obama & the Dems for the havoc your boy and your party are about to unleash.

* Industrial-sized shovels to clean up the trail of shit your boy will be leaving behind every time he tweets yet another ludicrous tirade at 3:00 a.m.

* A plausible excuse for having supported this idiot in the first place.

Everyone knows Republicans don’t give a crap about the country or its populace. But one would think you’d at least be concerned about the GOP brand. The Trump pResidency will be a disaster – and even you know it. What you don’t seem to realize is that when the ship of state starts taking on water, you'll be going down with it.

Merry Christmas!!

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Posted: 12/21/2016 at 12:55PM


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