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I was trying to prevent the larger disaster (Trump). I don't like Hillary, and she's never been in my political party. But for the first time, I had to cross party lines in order to stop a larger disaster.

I think the Republicans would have mostly contained Hillary's socialist impulses, so I was willing to vote for divided government. I voted for Isakson, for instance. I think the congress and Trump will mostly be in synch, unfortunately, and we'll get a largely unopposed Trump agenda, whatever that ends up being. I don't think the Pubs will tame his worst instincts. They're too afraid of their base to oppose Trump.

I think my way of voting would've given us smaller, and more sane, government overall than what we're going to get with Trump and a congress of the same party.

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Posted: 12/23/2016 at 11:48AM


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