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NC Dawg.or should I say O Bummer worshiper

Obama did not do sh*t as Prez except live in luxury. 300 plus rounds of golf and $100 million of vacations. 10 TRILLION of debt.yes10 E F F I N T R I L L I O N. Bunch of useless exec orders, supported illegal immigrants, is a muslim, praised hate groups like Black Lives and whiny azz lib actors, bowed to every world leader and apologized for the USA over and over. He gave huge money to failing "green" companies like Solyndra. He shipped pallets of cash to Iran. Seriously...$400 million in cash on pallets? 1.7 billion settlement to Iran??? Wtf? And this guy is your hero?

All the while his girls going to swanky expensive private schools and Moochelle spending on trips to Europe and god who knows where else. Is Moochelle a tranny or a man, btw??? He did nothing for African Americans or murders in cities all over America. Nothing!!! Nada!
And the biggest crapfest of all. Obummer "affordable" care act...are you effin kidding me? Keep ur doctor...NO! Keep ur plan...NO! Save average family $2,500 a year....uhhhhhhhh Hell NO! Passed the law without reading it...thanks Pelosi! It is a disaster and a joke. The entire Presidency was one big joke with nothing getting done. Yet, the media ate him up. The man could speak but not much else...and I wanted him to succeed...even voted for him the first time thinking he would be great. I was wrong!!!

Give it a rest. You are a whiny azz lib that needs your LGBT hugs every morning. You must be a naaaaaaaasssssty woman, too that wears puzzy hats. Really??? Want to blow up the white house too??? Nice. Wow...libs are blowing up stuff too at Cal Berkley....such kind, caring folks.

STFU and get used to a new sherriff in DC that will actually get sh*t done. More done in 2 weeks than 8 years. We need to send all you LIBS to California where u can start your own failing country with no access back to the 49 States. It will fail miserably and u will all be locked out. Have at it with your lesbian abortion loving gun hating bible hating freakshow. Shut up and show some respect to your new President.

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