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Cut NC Dawg some slack

He's a good guy, and like many, he's not happy that his side lost. I also didn't vote for Trump. In the past, I've always voted Republican, but crossed over in 2016, because I thought Trump was dangerous. I'm willing to give him some time and a chance to govern, but I have very little hope that he's up to the task. I don't support the punks in Berkeley that are destroying property and attacking people. But I am sympathetic to alot of the angst on the left about Trump.

Keep an eye on his foreign policy and on his business interests. This is what concerns me the most. Unlike what is expected of our POTUS, he did not release his tax returns, and he has not separated himself from his businesses. And in two weeks in office, he's already questioned the use of NATO, joked about invading Mexico, had a hang-up after a rough call with Australia, said Iran is "on notice", and authorized a botched raid in Yemen. On top of that, he (or his people) has questioned Germany and Japan about currency manipulation, and formally pulled us out of TPP. This is an amazing way to act in just the first two weeks of the office, and exactly representative of the types of things that concerned me during the campaign, i.e., Trump being unfit to be Commander-In-Chief.

And I'm not even going to get into his debacles around the attendance at his inauguration or his continued accusations that 3 to 5 million illegals voted.

Many of you voted with the idea that Trump would drain the swamp and blow up the old DC beltway mentality. Well, he might do that. But what will he replace it with? That's what worries me.

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