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I hear you and am also concerned about Trump

Hillary would be an absolute disaster. Obama did just about squat as POTUS for a whole host of items. He did mostly stay away from personal scandel, which I can appreciate, but took at least a whole month off every year to some 5 star all out resorts and played too much golf. The rest of us deplorables are slaving away and lucky if we get 2 weeks paid off while working 60 plus hours a week on stagnant and lowered wages. Obama did very little to stimulate the economy except spend, spend, spend. I realize he inherited a real mess, as well. But, he had 8 years and we are still in poor shape debt wise and on many issues. I am also sick and damn tired of the media bias and flaunting all over the Clintons and got really old. I also get tired of catering to 5percent LGBT and "green" energy/climate bs issues when there are so many other items we should be dealing with.
Hillary was as slimy as u can get with funneling money in her pockets for currying world leader favors, emails, getting devate questions and I will not even start on Bill lying bj in the oval office Clinton.

I personally was out of work for 9 months with unemployment ending after only 4 months after working 24 years. WTF? It has been very tough. Health care is through the roof. It is a disaster. Yet, the illegals and live of the governme t tit folks get freebies and free emergency room visits and food stamps and and and......GTFOH!!!

Donald will pull plenty of stunts and is full of himself, but he is now the POTUS. LIBS need to deal with it and find ways to work with him to tackle our crazy amount of problems.
The womans march was a whine fest and frankly sickening and vulgar to watch. That is what put me over the edge. Wearing pink labia vagina hats??? Really???

Heres to hoping someone can get the USA back on track.
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