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Goo job KC

Though your first post was a bit harsh, I now see it has been replied to with the usual grunts and ramblings that has become the left.
Like a lot of other people, I debated with myself on voting for Trump. I was never going to vote for Hillary. I can only imagine the level of corruption that would have existed in the executive branch.
I am also not a globalist. I don;t believe in open borders for illegal immigration and I don't believe in unfettered immigration. We have far to many aliens in this country. Time for a twenty or thirty year moratorium on immigration until we can assimilate. Particularly with the muslims. I see this bunch as big problem makers in two generations. Doesn't even matter what those coming into the country believe. How do we know there grandkids aren't going to continue to believe the infidel must die.
My grandparents are immigrants. Came from Ukraine thru Ellis Island. Here is a big difference. Once grandma got to Manhattan, she was on her own. No food stamps, welfare, or free medical. What kind of government invites the poorer or poor and then starts to support them. No wonder Obama spent an extra ten trillion over the taxes his collected. At present I would love to see immigration limited to those who bring needed skills.
Trump may be horrible as president, but he speaks to me on many issues. If it doesn't work, we find someone else.
I know after the previous 16 years, we have had two horrible presidents. I don't see this one committing the same errors.

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Posted: 02/06/2017 at 10:56AM


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