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Re: Well, let's do a trump scorecard:

1) Why hold this against Trump? From everything I understand, the travel ban is not an unreasonable request. The ban has been blocked by two liberal districts. The reasons for blocking the bans appear to be very vague and broad. Basically it appears nothing more than partisan. Thankfully the new supreme court member is conservative. Hope we can replace a lot of the lower court judges in the next four years. I hope the new judges will not be party driven, but constitutionalist.

2) I don't know enough about TPP, but if it's like NAFTA, then I say great. Dump it.

3) Totally agree. He should not have let Ryan draft that disaster. The biggest problem is that Obama socialized medicine. You can't take back what has been given.

4) I'm still hoping and optimistic. To many GOPers are afraid of supporting the wall. Hope Trump finds a way to work around them. I certainly didn't expect a fence by now. This will be a slow process.

5) Agree with you again. This budget is just as bad as Reagan's and the two Bush's.

6) I don't think we know enough here. I don't remember a direct question about Article 5 being asked. Instead, I remember Trump urging other countries to meet monetary obligations. That didn't go well. It appears the Europeans have enjoyed American money. If there was a threat on German trade, you will have to elaborate.

7) I don't believe Trump is responsible for the troops. I believe the troops have been there a while. Bush's invasion of Iraq created this mess, other messes, and futures messes in the mideast. I am so glad I did not support the Iraqi invasion that has caused so many problems for this country, the mideast, and the world..

8) I'd sure like to know about this scandal. After six months of investigating, there is nada, zip, zero. Investigating every conversation the Trump team has had with a Russian is a waste of time and resources. It has helped anti Trumpers and democrats stall much needed reforms in Washington.
It has been compared to Watergate by a number of anti Trumpers. Not so. Watergate was a break in. It was seen, and people were caught in the act. The investigation was to see how high it went and prosecute.
This Russia Gate thing is a media driven event. Every day, an anonymous source leaks something that goes nowhere. Glad there is a special counsel so we can wrap this up even though it will take over a year at the very least. In the end, I think it will just go away.

So far, I'm disappointed in the Trump presidency. Mostly because of the obstructionists tactics being used against him by dems and some pubs. I have never seen a political atmosphere so noxious as what is going on today.

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Posted: 06/03/2017 at 4:34PM


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