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I value your opinion...

And would like to know who you would like to see run this country. I'm not just talking about the office of President. What are your views about fiscal policy, social policy?

I consider myself to be a fiscal conservative, and a moderate person regarding social policy.

Example: We borrow and spend like drunk sailors, and it needs to stop. There have been at least 2 studies done that show there is some 400-500 billion of wasted spending every year, and that could be cut immediately.

Also, regarding abortion, I am against it as a means of birth control, but I don't feel I should have control over another person such that I can stop them from aborting a baby. And, my bottom line is that if you do want to have an abortion, don't ask the tax payer to pay for it. I would rather pay for birth control for others, than any abortion.

I don't think one should get tax refunds that are more than what they paid in.

Our tax laws should be thrown out, and a new system should be in place. There are a few ideas out there, and I'm flexible, but it should be more fiscally correct, and fair for all.

Finally, I strongly believe we need Term Limits for all, including Supreme Court.

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Posted: 07/06/2017 at 08:48AM


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