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Comedy from UT

You forgot the biggest breakthrough, on the "6 seconds, 3 great efforts". Coach said, "we actually started counting them."

For the love of god. Make it a four year study. This man overcomplicates the simplest of tasks.

I'd love to hear Coach Jones explain the process of taking a dump. He prob still is teaching his kids how to potty.

"10 minutes, 3 great efforts, individuals showing great sphincter discipline, in terms of proper alignment, flush and clear, we call that containment discipline, a perfect execution doesnt start at the potty. Thats something we stress to the individuals that success, starts at the mouth, we call that tooth discipline, every chew repitition is vital to proper fecal form, so it doesnt just start at the bathroom door. An individual's evacuation in an ongoing process. We encourage all individuals to "self check", every phase, top to bottom we call that, pushing not rushing, and seeing it through to the end. We try to limit individual reps made after the fly, when the pants drop, its time to execute and perform, trusting your instincts. We have youngsters that sometimes can't distinguish between a productive rep, and what we call "just a fart" and we as coaches always stress, we tell them, good sphincter discipline at the junction point helps minimize what would be wasted opportunity. As you know we only get so many hours with these kids, and everyone cant get in there at once, you must prioritize as coaches and instill into individuals, the mentality that enables them to maximize potty time, ensure efficiency and reduce overstrain,just get in there and get it done, earning that trust, no unplanned containment violations, when you get there, drop your drawers and sit down, the last thing you want, is an individual calling for mommy. We like to call that sh!t or get off the pot.
These are prideful youngsters, they want to achieve results, and progress to big boy pants."

"Coach at this point, have you given any thought to wiping? Is that something you will be working on in your off week."

"Thats a good question Jimmy. I'd like to say we are there. We have a number of ass-wiping individuals, with good technique and understanding what we are looking for, and why its important to follow up with a thorough procedure and all that entails, they understand the process, the directional flow, we call that front to back awareness. They give you the eye discipline necessary to avoid wasted minutes, chafing. As far as the team. We have a ways to go before we could be considered an asswiping team of individuals. Its a process, you can only focus on so much, and thats why spring camp is so valuable, so that your not forcing an individuals hand before they have a full thorough awareness of our expectations and where they fit in. We are still determining who is there, and the individuals that need more reps. And to be honest sometimes thats a factor that may not show up until bath time. We identify individuals and focus on their development, but wiping is a fundamental, but less instinct oriented, more complex. We call that a high level technique or finesse move, and requires a lot of desire on the individuals part, fortunately we have some real leaders among us who help other individuals along, if one individual takes it upon himself to elevate another the entire team benefits, but the idea is eventually we all need to be a team of individuals who can all wipe their own ass if it comes to that. We are not there yet. It takes years to implement and refine that, roll by roll.

Posted: 10/09/2017 at 3:31PM


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