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Tin ferl hat time

reposted from the 4chanz

"Fun" to think about regardless of the truth.

Ultimate happening. Trump possibly going to investigate the FBI/CIA and place the military in charge of the organization temporarily. Hi level democrats getting arrested, most likely Podestas, possibly Hillary and Obama. Uranium deal is treason and high level dems are singing like Donna Brazile and Warren. We can follow the money and get them for this. Obama moved the material under a small, random Kentucky truck company to Canada and then to Europe instead of using the military, in order to bypass congress. Hillary has control of the DNC, Obama bankrupted them so she could bail them out in return for total control. Democrats having a civil war, progressive are pissed at the old guard and want to make it a progressive socialist party.. Trump is under heavy guard off our mainland in Hawaii and will be out of the country for the next thirteen days while this goes down. Will be spending time with our closest allies Korea and Japan. Europe is no longer close enough to us diplomatically to be trusted.

Antifa planning nationwide protests. Possibly riots. Martial law likely. Soros donated 3/4th of his funds a few months ago to start the process of fighting back, $8 billion.

Posted: 11/03/2017 at 3:57PM


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