DawgRun community:

Please note that the DawgRun.com site and its boards have been shut down for good, as of Friday, February 4th, 2022.

We appreciate everyone that contributed to and shaped the DawgRun community.

In its heyday over a decade ago, DawgRun.com registered 5.7 million page views for calendar year 2009. But page views declined over time, bottoming out to a mere 15,700 for the entire calendar year 2021, a decline of 99.73%. The site received just 21 posts in all of 2021.

So we decided it was time to end things. Thanks again to everyone who made DawgRun.com what it was, and congratulations to Georgia on their national championship!

If you are interested in purchasing the DawgRun.com domain name, please contact Will Stewart at will at sportswar dot com.