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5) No, it's far worse than anything from Reagan or Bush because there's what appears to be an intentional 2 trillion dollar double-count on revenue affects of tax cuts. There's also billions of estate tax dollars being counted, even when he's said he will get rid of the estate tax. It's far worse than anything any president has ever submitted.

6) He wants a tariff on German cars. What he apparently doesn't realize is that we have a treaty with the EU, not with Germany. Just another example of where he has no idea what he's doing. And our NATO partners have paid their dues. There are goals & guidelines that are non-binding about a 2% of GDP military budget for each country. Many presidents have previously asked NATO countries to foot their own bill more. Not just trump doing that.

7) But we've never previously had ground operations in Syria or Yemen. This is new, and not something I welcome. He's also looking at ramping up more in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can blame it all on Bush if you want. But Bush has been gone since 2009. This is on Trump, not Bush.

8) How do you know there is "nada, zip, zero"? There's an investigation going on, and we don't know where it will go or who will get in trouble. Mueller has been reported to be investigating Trump for Obstruction. Is that true? I don't know, but neither do you. Also, we know that Trump associates are being looked at with regard to the collusion. We need to let these investigations play out before we declare it all to be a hoax. Trump will tweet that it's a witch-hunt at 3:00 AM. That doesn't make it so.

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