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#5 Reagan and Bush both doubled the national debt. Reagan in time will be known as the president who blew up the national debt. His name is in tact for now, but history will change that. Bush doubled the national debt by lowering taxes and starting two wars. You seem to have a better grasp than I on Trump's budget, but time will really tell if it's as bad as his recent predecessors. I'm not mentioning Obama. There will never be a defense for his spending.

#6 Once again, Trump wants to renegotiate what he considers bad trade agreements. How in the world that does make him ignorant. You say NATO allies have paid there dues. Everything I have heard and read contradicts your view. Maybe I'm getting my news from the wrong sources. By the way, I love German and Japanese cars.

#7 Trump didn't start ground troops in Syria. I don't see a large scale escalation.
Sorry, but Bush blew up the middle east. Everything Obama, now Trump, and presidents for the next 20 to 30 years will be dealing with the remnants of Bush. Now he was a man truly unqualified to be president.

#8 I know there is nada, zip, zero because there is no evidence of collusion from any source over the past six months. When Pelosi, Feinstein, and Schiff say they have found no collusion, it is pretty safe to say there is no collusion.
If the current probe wants to look into it further, then fine. Nothing like wasting a few more billion taxpayer dollars. But, I want Mueller to stay on point and not stray like the Ken Starr investigation.

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