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That was certainly a poorly worded, factless narrative the likes that only Faux Noise and Lord Commander Marmalade could respect. I find it ironic that those that obstructed, whined, demeaned and disrespected the office of the POTUS these past 8 years are now demanding obedience and absolute assimilation...NOT!!!

Without lowering myself to your knuckle dragging, plebeian level, I can assure you that WE, the majority of this great republic, are going NO WHERE! We, the majority of this great republic, will afford Cheeto-Tweetler and his administration the same level of support and respect as he, his administration and his base afforded President Obama.

Buckle up butter cup, you and your ever shrinking band of deplorable's are in for a very difficult ride.

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Posted: 02/06/2017 at 08:02AM


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